The Outdoor School

at Rancho Alegre

Megan / Coral


Program Coordinator

Meet our Program Coordinator, Megan, aka Coral. Since a young age, Coral has always had a deep love for the natural environment and all the glorious, mysterious life it sustains. She has been working in the wonderful realm of environmental education for over 11 years and received her Master’s Degree in Natural Science and Education with a concurrent major in Environmental and Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming. Before moving to Southern California, Coral lived on the beautiful island of Maui, where she was able to share her passion for sharks (mano), whales (kohola), octopus (he’e), green sea turtles (honu), parrotfish (uhu), and all other marine life. Coral is so excited to take on the role as Program Coordinator for the Outdoor School, exhibit her overbearing love for sharks, pikas, and Hawai’i, and express her adoration for nature with all those around her!