The Outdoor School

The Outdoor School
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Camp Rancho Alegre/Outdoor School

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Joe Vasek Memorial Rancho Alegre Trail Ride

You are invited to participate in this unique ride in the scenic Larson Meadow at Camp Rancho Alegre. A similar ride was originally established by Joe & Sue Vasek with the help of Robert & Cita Mainer, Til & Lunn Courson, and Joe & Alice Olla in support of the local equestrian community and Camp Rancho Alegre. The last ride was in 2009 so we are ready to get you back on the trails.

Rebuilding of The Outdoor School
In 2017 it took the Whittier Fire only 45 minutes to devastate a camp that has been at the heart of the Santa Barbara Community for over 50 years. Located on the San Marcos Pass, the beloved Rancho Alegre has served over 10,000 boys and girls and their families each year. In addition to hosting Scout Camps, church retreats and community gatherings, Rancho Alegre is also the site of The Outdoor School.

The Outdoor School, a program of Los Padres Council BSA, is a unique overnight environmental education program serving the Central Coast for 50 years. The restoration of The Outdoor School is one of the driving factors behind the push to rebuild Rancho Alegre. In this unique learning environment, fifth and sixth public school children explore beyond the classroom walls and are immersed in hands-on outdoor environmental and STEM educational activities, hiking and exploring nature, opening doors to self-discovery, science, learning new skills and forging friendships that last a lifetime….

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For your personal tour of The Outdoor School, please call Amanda at 904-703-0677 or email at or you can give directly to the Phoenix Campaign to rebuild The Outdoor School at We welcome you to join our Phoenix Committee to rebuild The Outdoor School.

Outdoor School