The Outdoor School

at Rancho Alegre

Amanda Chick

Camp Director​

Meet Amanda, also known as Mako Shark or simply Mako! She serves as the Director for The Outdoor School. With prior experience as a naturalist for The Outdoor School, studying environmental science in college, and serving as a residential summer camp counselor during her college summers, Mako is thrilled to be back at Rancho Alegre, leading the program.

She possesses a passionate dedication to outdoor education for children, firmly believing that disconnecting kids from screens and immersing them in nature is a vital aspect of their education and life. Providing a program that encourages outdoor exploration, nature connection, skill development, and the formation of new friendships is very important to her. When not leading the program, Mako enjoys spending her time at the beach, hiking up a mountain, going on camping trips, or visiting her family in Florida.