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“Bird Calls”

On my first day of science camp my hiking group saw a dead bird on the trail. We looked at all of the different colors on it. The naturalist Ibis said it was a pigeon that lived in the mountains. We each got to take an up-close look at the bird. We thought that a very large bird must have killed it. Then we saw a large bird flying above us; Ibis said it was a type of hawk.

As we hiked on, we saw the bird again. Then we realized that this was the bird that had killed the pigeon! Ibis started making this noise with his hand and mouth that was supposed to sound like a dying rabbit. It worked; the bird was distracted by the noise and started flying around us. As it searched for the pretend animal, we looked at how beautiful it was! It was extremely fast and big. Ibis continued making the rabbit noise and the hawk got more confused. It flew onto a tree branch and cocked its head from side to side. It was really interesting because to watch it react to the calls. This was one of my favorite parts of camp!

-Madeline W., Roosevelt School

“The Rainy Day at Outdoor School”

At first when I found out it was going to rain a day while my school was at science camp, I was super bummed. I thought it would be absolutely TERRIBLE! Then, when I was actually there in the cold, wet rain—slipping down the backside of Fossil Hill—I realized ‘Hey! This is REALLY fun!’ and I had an awesome time. I got super muddy, but learned that you need to take what you have and enjoy it! And I DID enjoy the rain, very, very much on that one rainy day of science camp.

-Ava D., Roosevelt School