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The Outdoor School
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Special Activities

Special activities are specialized hikes, events, games and initiatives created and lead by naturalists. There are two daytime activities (day 2 and day 3) and one nighttime activity (night 3) in which students participate.

How do students get to pick their activity?

The students sign up based on the order that they go to bed the prior evening. This includes respecting quiet hours from 9:30pm until wakeups at 7:00 am the next morning.

The following is a list of special activities that may be offered (but not always) at The Outdoor School:

Waterfall Hike – Archery – Boating – Hike To Lake Cachuma – Tracking – Earth Art
The Lost Redwood – Stealth Hike – Survival Hike – The Catch – Squid & Owl Pellet
Dissections – Press Club (Newspaper) – Extended Campfire – Old Man Murphy
The Oasis – Rock Hop To The Bat Tunnel – Frog City – Winged Walkers (Birding)
Mission Impossible (Team Building) – Gladiator Death Ball – Orienteering
Mouse And Owl – Wolf Pack – Fossil Hunting
Choose Your Own Adventure – And More!

Nine Mile Hike

Outdoor School also has a traditionally longer special activity on Day 3 known as the “Nine Mile Hike”. While the other special activities only enroll a certain amount of students, this hike welcomes any students capable of taking (and completing) the challenge. Participants leave after lunch and journey 4 ½ miles to the top of Camino Cielo—overlooking the Channel Islands and Santa Barbara. After taking a short rest for a snack, water and pictures, participants’ journey 4 ½ miles back down the mountain and arrive in time for a delicious dinner. This is a challenging, but rewarding and unforgettable experience for all that involved.